Coffee Talk

As I sit on my college campus, fresh and clean from a workout, with a mocha in my hand and a million thoughts racing through my mind, I decided to blog this moment.

 You really can be anything you want.

I am pursuing a career in education, specifically as an elementary teacher, but teaching isn’t my only passion. I love to paint with oils, I can rap, I love cooking wordly cuisines, and I even choreograph my own hip hop routines.

I find that many women feel like once they decide on a career path, they feel bounded and are afraid to deter from pursuing a profession in other passions.

I met a barista today (who made my mocha) and we got to talk briefly about coffee. I love coffee, my father is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur and mother is an coffee addict (well not anymore, she is trying to cut down to one cup a day). So, it was inevitable that I developed an affinity for coffee my self.

As the barista and I were engaged in this rich conversation about famous coffee institutions in California, I came to find that I had always wanted to take a barista class. I could over the summer and become a pro at it!

Who says you can’t be a teacher and a rapper and a barista?

I find writing so therapeutic and I really should do this more often. As simple as it sounds, we tend to get caught up in life’s pendulum and forget that sometime we need to stop time just to focus on the things we like to do. It’s what helps keeps us sane.

Anonymous asked:

You too amazing pictures Shikara. I am very curious to know what camera do you use to take all the underwater shots?

I’m using a D10 Canon, people on tumblr are always about DSLR’S but honestly a camera is only as good as its photographer.

Jia Ren Qu

“In the north there is a beauty; surpassing the world, she stands alone. A glance from her will overthrow a city; another glance will overthrow a nation. One can not know whether it will be a city or a nation that will be overthrown. But it would be difficult to behold such a beauty again” - Li Yannian